Alder Blanket

This pattern is available for £2.50 (plus applicable taxes if you are in the EU) through my own website Knit Purl Makes Or from LoveCrafts If you are in the UK you can buy a pre-printed copy of the pattern here: Alder blanket printed copy. This blanket is suitable for the beginner knitter as wellContinue reading “Alder Blanket”


A simple but stylish design for a little one Available from my shop in PDF form and pre-printed (UK only) The simple eyelet pattern on this blanket forms little trillium, or three petal flowers, in an all over design. Suitable for the beginner knitter, the blanket is knitted all in one with the garter stitchContinue reading “Trillium”

Ship Ahoy !

Lots of little sail boats float across this blanket. This pattern is available from my shop or from LoveKnitting. The pattern is suitable for advanced beginners upwards and makes a great blanket for snuggling baby in. Knitted in a DK weight yarn the pattern is written for two different sizes of blanket and is justContinue reading “Ship Ahoy !”


Heartwood Baby Blanket Stripes and Texture, the best of both worlds ! The interesting texture in these blankets look a little like crochet but is in fact knitted.Another simple textured blanket, this is suitable for beginner knitters as the pattern is easily picked up once a few rows have been worked.The pattern is written forContinue reading “Heartwood”


Robyn is another simple but classic blanket with an all-over texture pattern. One of those blankets that is neutral but pleasing. At first glance this blanket pattern is very similar to the Gracie Blanket but the texture is slightly finer and, in my opinion, the stitch is easier to work. Suitable for the beginner knitter,Continue reading “Robyn”

Colour-Mix Baby Blanket

This blanket is suitable for a beginner knitter. If you can cast on, cast off, knit and purl then you can make this easily. Available here on Payhip as a PDF download or a printed pattern The blanket is knitted in separate pieces and sewn together, which is great if tackling a large item isContinue reading “Colour-Mix Baby Blanket”

Gracie Baby Blanket

First of all, thank you all so much to everyone who contacted me regarding the baby blanket.  Your support was overwhelming, I was so taken aback that I had to have a little re-think on this pattern. I have made a few changes that make me feel better and have re-listed it as you allContinue reading “Gracie Baby Blanket”