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Robyn is another simple but classic blanket with an all-over texture pattern. One of those blankets that is neutral but pleasing.At first glance this blanket pattern is very similar to the Gracie Blanket but the texture is slightly finer and, in my opinion, the stitch is easier to work.Suitable for the beginner knitter, this blanket… Continue reading Robyn

General ramblings

Colour-Mix Baby Blanket

One of my most recent designs is the Colour-Mix Baby Blanket.This blanket is suitable for a beginner knitter. If you can cast on, cast off, knit and purl then you can make this easily.The blanket is knitted in separate pieces and sewn together, which is great if tackling a large item is a little daunting.… Continue reading Colour-Mix Baby Blanket

General ramblings


Playing catch up as usual. I think I mentioned some time ago that seamless was no longer my favourite type of construction. There was a time that I loved knitting seamless garments and they were pretty much all I worked on. In fact the three cardigans patterns that I published are all seamless construction. Seamless… Continue reading Hartland



The next project in line that I haven't shown you is the beautiful Ryðrauð pattern by Steinunn Birna Gudjonsdottir.  I came across this pattern on Ravelry and thought the yoke was just gorgeous. The yarn is Knit Picks Wool of the Andies worsted weight which I purchased as a Christmas present to myself! You can… Continue reading Ryðrauð