Menet is a pretty cardigan knitted seamlessly from the top down.

Menet Cardigan
Menet Cardigan

A simple garter slip stitch pattern adorns the yoke of this pretty cardigan, which looks much harder to knit than it actually is. A mixture of three colours, only one colour is worked at any one time making it ideal for a first colour-work project.

The stocking stitch body is edged in moss/seed stitch which echoes the patterning on the yoke. There are options to knit either long or short sleeves making it suitable for any season.

Menet with sleeves
Menet with sleeves

To knit this cardigan you should be acquainted with knitting seamless garments, knitting in the round and picking up stitches.

Size: Pattern covers finished chest sizes 20,22,24,26,28,30 inches / 50,56,61,66,71,76 cm.


DK or Sport weight yarn that knits to the correct gauge/tension.
For the short sleeved version you will need approximately: 200,250,350,400,450 meters / 220,270,330,380,440, 500 yds yarn in Main shade.

or for the long sleeved version, approximately: 340,400,460,520,580,640 meters / 371,437,503,568,634,699 yards in Main shade

and approx. 60,70,80,90,100,110 m /65,76,87,98,109,120 yds in each of two contrasting colours for either the long or short sleeved versions.

Gauge/ Tension: a standard  24 sts x  32 rows to 10 cm (4 inches)  square in stocking stitch on larger, main gauge needle.
and 24 sts  to 10 cm (4 inches)  in moss stitch on smaller gauge needle.

Needles: 1 x 3.75mm/US 5 circular needle 60 cm long for smaller sizes, 80 cm long for larger sizes – or – size to give you required tension/gauge. Two 3.5 mm/ US4 circular needles for working edgings (or your preferred needles for working small diameters in the round)– or – needles one size smaller than your gauge needle.

For the sleeved version you will also need 3.75mm/US5 needles ( or the size you are using for your main needle) for working the sleeves in the round.

The sizes listed on the pattern are finished chest sizes. I would recommend knitting a size 2″/5cm larger than the actual chest size you want, to allow for ease of movement and a little growing room, perhaps more depending on how much growing room you want.

Menet Red 3

The Menet pattern is available to buy for £3.50 plus vat if applicable.
You can purchase the pattern from Ravelry, Love Knitting or Etsy.

4 thoughts on “Menet

  1. Hi Coralyn,

    Yes you can knit the sleeves flat if you wish. It is a little fiddly as the cardigan is top down but not impossible. I have never done it, but this is how I would go about it.

    When you reach the part of the pattern where you separate the sleeves from the body, you would normally put the sleeves onto waste yarn and cast on a number of stitches for the under-arm onto the body stitches and then knit down the body, these stitches are then picked up when you knit the sleeves. You will need to put these stitches onto the sleeve stitches at each end of the sleeve instead and then pick them up when you knit the body.

    To do this, knit the yoke to the point where you separate the sleeves from the body. On the section of the pattern where it says ‘Divide for body and sleeves’ Instead of knitting the body stitches and then putting the sleeve stitches onto waste yarn, put the body stitches onto waste yarn instead so you have the sleeve stitches on the needle.

    For example: for the smallest size the beginning of the instructions say to ‘k1 seam stitch, k25 for right front, place next 38 sts onto spare yarn for the sleeve, then cast on 6 sts for the under-arm’

    What you will need to do would be to knit across the k1 seam stitch and the 25 sts for right front then place these stitches onto spare yarn, knit the first stitch of the sleeve stitches (so the yarn is connected to the sleeve) then using backward loop cast on, cast on half the underarm stitches, in this case 3 sts, plus one extra for seaming. Knit these four stitches (or however many there are for the size you are knitting, half the amount plus one), then work across the rest of the sleeve, cast on the other 3 stitches (or half the number for your size) plus one for seaming onto the other side of the sleeve.
    Place all the other stitches for the back, sleeve and front onto spare yarn, without working them and now you should have just the first sleeve stitches on your needle with half of the underarm stitches on each end plus a seam stitch either side.
    Knit the sleeve according to instructions.
    When you come to knit the other sleeve, you will need to place all the back and sleeve stitches onto a needle. Join the yarn and knit across the back, then place the back stitches back onto waste yarn and repeat the sleeve instructions as before. Knit the first stitch, cast on half the underarm stitches plus one onto the needle, knit across the sleeve stitches and cast on the other half of the underarm stitches plus one at the other end. Knit the sleeve.
    When you have the two sleeves knitted, sew them up as you would normally. You will have a little flat of stitches where you cast on for the underarm.
    Place the last remaining front onto a needle and join the yarn and knit it to the end. This makes sure that each piece has the same amount of rows. When you get to the end of the row cut the yarn. To pick up the stitches and join everything together you will need the right side, the knit side of the piece facing you. So, with the right side of everything facing you, knit across the first front, pick up a stitch from each of the cast on stitches under the first sleeve, knit across the back, pick up the stitches from under the next sleeve and knit across the other front.
    You should now have all the body stitches on the needle with the stitches picked up from under the sleeves and can knit down the body in the flat.

    I do hope that this all makes sense ! Please do contact me if anything is not clear or you need any other help. I am quite happy to help you knit them in the round if you would like to do that instead.

    All the best and with kind regards,

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