Legato is a pattern for a set of accessories which includes a cowl, a pair of fingerless mittens, matching boot-toppers and leg-warmers in an easy alternating rib pattern.

Legato Cowl_Fotor_Collage

The outer lines of the rib continue in smooth waving lines throughout the knitting.  When knitted in a colour changing yarn such as Elann’s Pippilongcolors, the colours and pattern change smoothly without breaks between the lines and tones.  Just as in Legato music.

Legato Pair 1The fingerless mittens and a pair of boot toppers take only two balls of the suggested yarn and knit up quickly.  Great for gift knitting.

Legato Mitten Thumb


If you want to colour match your items, I suggest that you start each item with a new ball of yarn. Knit one, then you can then reel off yarn from the next ball until you reach the starting point of the first and start knitting from there.

To knit this pattern it will help if you have some experience of knitting in the round. The pattern itself is quite straightforward and the cowl, boot-toppers and leg-warmers are suitable for beginners but for the mittens you will need to know how to work increases, pick up stitches and work from a chart.

Legato Cowl



Height: 20.5 cm (8″)  Circumference: 45 cm (18″)

Fingerless Mittens

Finished hand circumference 15 [17.5, 21.5] cm or 6 [ 7, 8 ½ ] inches. Or approx. Child [Women’s, Women’s Large/Mens ]

Leg-Warmers / Boot Toppers

Finished calf circumference 30 [33,35.5,38] cm or 12 [13, 14.5, 15.5] inches.

Tension / Gauge

5 sts to 2.5 cm (1 inch) of knitting in rib pattern after blocking.

There is a great deal of stretch in this pattern so it is a good idea to either block first or flatten your knitting out a little when measuring.


Elann Pippilongcolors yarn. 180 m (196 yds) to 100 g

or an aran weight yarn.

Cowl: 135 m (148 yds)

Mittens: approx. 80 – 130 meters (88 -175 yards)

Boot Toppers: 120 – 270 meters (130 -295 yards)

Leg-warmers: 200 – 360 meters (218 – 400 yards)

2 Balls of the suggested yarn will make a pair of fingerless mittens in the first or second size plus a pair of boot toppers or small leg warmers or a large pair of mittens and a medium pair of boot toppers.

If you change the gauge or size of the items you will need more or less yarn than stated.


For the Cowl: 4mm (US 6) Circular needle (or size to get you the above gauge) 40 cm long (16″)

For all other items: 1 set of 4 mm (US 6) dpns (or size to get the above gauge) or your preferred needle for knitting small diameters in the round.


Yarn needle.

Spare yarn and 3 markers for the fingerless mittens.


legato cream 1.12


The pattern is available as a download for £2.50 (plus vat if applicable) from Love Knitting, Ravelry or Etsy.


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