Gracie Baby Blanket

The Gracie Baby Blanket is an easy to knit blanket in a fine 4 ply or fingering yarn.

Blanket2It is light and airy, suitable for a new born baby girl or boy – pretty enough for a girl, but not too pretty for a boy. The sample here is knitted in traditional white but it would look equally good in a pastel shade or maybe a semi-solid or variegated yarn.

blanket8The blanket takes approximately 800 meters (870 yards) of baby yarn and is knitted at a tension (gauge) of 6 stitches to 2.5 cm ( 1 inch) in pattern.

There are also instructions on making a larger, heavier weight blanket if you want to use a heavier yarn.

Daisy 1Gracie Baby Blanket is named after the beautiful baby girl the blanket was originally knit for.

The pattern is available for £1.50 (plus vat if applicable). You can download a copy from Love Knitting, Ravelry or Etsy.



5 thoughts on “Gracie Baby Blanket

  1. I have been working on the ships ahoy blanket and have finally come to the end. I wanted to make the blanket longer so I continue to row 29 and was about to put the garter stitches on when I am realizing that I am not getting the wave that was at the beginning. Where have I gone wrong?

  2. Hi Marilyn,

    You haven’t gone wrong at all. Because of the placement of the decreases in the pattern, which make the wave, it is not so pronounced at the top of the blanket as at the bottom. Once you have finished completely, if you give the blanket a wash and block you can give the top a little tug at each sail which will make it a bit more wavy.
    I hope this helps and thank you for purchasing the pattern.

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