Gracie Baby Blanket

First of all, thank you all so much to everyone who contacted me regarding the baby blanket.  Your support was overwhelming, I was so taken aback that I had to have a little re-think on this pattern. I have made a few changes that make me feel better and have re-listed it as you allContinue reading “Gracie Baby Blanket”

‘Duffers’ – A Quick and Easy 19 row Felted Slipper pattern

DUFFERS – FELTED SLIPPER PATTERN This is the basic pattern with three basic sizes. For the larger, expanded pattern with many more sizes and wider width fittings, see the Duffers – revisited pattern (link on the side bar). This pattern is now available for download at a cost of £ 1.00 through Ravelry. There isContinue reading “‘Duffers’ – A Quick and Easy 19 row Felted Slipper pattern”