Appledore sweater

This classic button-front raglan sweater is seamlessly knitted from the top down, Appledore is knitted in a light DK or sport weight yarn. Knitting starts at the neck, back and forth, increasing at the raglan points and working the buttonbands and buttonholes at the same time. The yoke is then joined for knitting in theContinue reading “Appledore sweater”


This scarf is named after the Waratah plant, the seed pods of which look so like the lace part of this stitch pattern no other name would have been as suitable. I have given instructions for three sizes in the pattern. A short scarf for tucking into your coat, a long version which will wrapContinue reading “Waratah”

Alder Blanket

This pattern is available for £2.50 (plus applicable taxes if you are in the EU) through my own website Knit Purl Makes Or from LoveCrafts If you are in the UK you can buy a pre-printed copy of the pattern here: Alder blanket printed copy. This blanket is suitable for the beginner knitter as wellContinue reading “Alder Blanket”

Seamless Felted Mary-Janes

This design follows on from my previous felted slipper patterns. They are knitted seamlessly from the bottom up and are pretty quick to knit, but these are a little different in construction with short row shaping.They are more form fitting than the others, being lower in the front and shaped for the back foot andContinue reading “Seamless Felted Mary-Janes”

Slipper Felting Part 1

Slipper Felting – Part One I thought it was about time that I gave my thoughts on felting. I’ve done quite a bit over the years, both intentionally and unintentionally! I once felted half my hand-knit sock collection in one easy move by setting the washing machine to an ordinary wash not a hand wash.Continue reading “Slipper Felting Part 1”


A simple but stylish design for a little one Available from my shop in PDF form and pre-printed (UK only) The simple eyelet pattern on this blanket forms little trillium, or three petal flowers, in an all over design. Suitable for the beginner knitter, the blanket is knitted all in one with the garter stitchContinue reading “Trillium”

Ship Ahoy !

Lots of little sail boats float across this blanket. This pattern is available from my shop or from LoveKnitting. The pattern is suitable for advanced beginners upwards and makes a great blanket for snuggling baby in. Knitted in a DK weight yarn the pattern is written for two different sizes of blanket and is justContinue reading “Ship Ahoy !”

SSSK – Slip, slip, slip, knit

SSSK is a left leaning double decrease. In other words, it decreases two stitches at once and the result leans to the left. There are several different double decreases, left leaning, right leaning and centred. You may have come across them in lace and open patterns, not so often in shaping ordinary garments.  Here is a quickContinue reading “SSSK – Slip, slip, slip, knit”