Alder Blanket

Another in the series of blankets, this time an Aran or worsted weight one.


The Alder Blanket is a simple to knit baby blanket written for Aran or Worsted weight yarn in two sizes.


The pattern is suitable for the beginning knitter with a little experience or a more advanced knitter looking for an easy knit.


The pattern is written, no charts are needed and is easily memorised so once set you can just knit away.

The smaller blanket measures 58 x 76 cm / 23 x 30 inches and the larger one 78 x 96 cm / 31 x 38 inches.

Alder Blankets Flat

Any Aran or worsted weight yarn is suitable, for the samples pictured I chose Elann Tarantella for the variegated blanket and Cascade Pacific for the lighter solid colour one.
The pattern is just as effective in a variegated yarn as in a solid or semi-solid yarn so the possibilities are endless.

Alder Blankets 4

Along with the Alder Blanket, I designed a small bag which matches the design. Together they make a lovely set for a new parent, but are equally pretty on their own.

Alder Set 2

The Alder Blanket pattern is available from Love Knitting, Ravelry or Etsy for £1.50 (plus vat if applicable for your country)

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