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Welcome to my blog!
My name is Mindie and knitting is a huge part of my life. I’ve been knitting since I was a small, which is too many years now to admit without giving away my age!
I have a bit of a compulsion to create, so I also spin, weave, sew, garden and cook. Mostly this is a good thing, but it can also lead to shortages in our household because I quite often refuse to buy anything I could make, even if I don’t have time to make it!

Here is where I keep a record of what I’m up to in the garden, kitchen and in my studio. I also use this space to showcase my knitting designs.

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    1. Is there something wrong with row 4 on the ships ahoy pattern?? I have done this twice and the same error occurs, i 20 stitches left and the pattern says you should have 18. I have recounted and my count seems to be correct. I do not want to rip this out again. Please respond. Thank you.

      1. Hi Marilyn,

        Thanks for getting in touch with me and for buying the Ships Ahoy pattern and I’m so sorry that you are having problems.

        There is no mistake in the pattern for the blanket. I re-checked the written instructions this morning, as I figured from your question that you are working from there not the chart and all is correct.

        The written instructions were put together slightly differently from the chart for what I thought was ease of reading but having looked at the written instructions again I realise that I could have done this better to match the chart and so you can see the repeats of the pattern more clearly ( I must admit that I work from charts not written).
        If you are working from the written instructions, can I suggest that you send me a private email at mindiedesigns(at)gmail.com replacing the (at) with @ so that I can have your email address. I will then re-write the written instructions on the pattern into exact repeats and send you an updated copy with some instructions as to keeping track and we can get this problem sorted.

        If I have this wrong and you are working from the chart, please send me the email anyway and I will send you some clearer instructions as to how to keep track of where you are, at least at the beginning, and try and get everything going right.

        I am sorry that it has caused you confusion, it is always my intention to make patterns enjoyable to knit and this one certainly has not met the mark for you! Please do get back in touch so I can sort things out for you.
        With kind regards,

  1. I homeschooled my daughters, too. They are both out of college now and gainfully employed 🙂 One is a chemical engineer and the other is a registered nurse. Keep up the good work – homeschooling is wonderful.

    1. I love your blog!!!!,I know how you feel ,I felted the same way after my children were grown and went off to college.just get in Bible studies and stay busy.

  2. I think I goofed up the duffer pattern. Was I to still knit every other row after the purled row 11? The pattern row numbers go consecutively after row 11, but I have a feeling I was to knit a row in between 12,13,14, etc.

    I was reading y0ur blog post about feeling like you are spinning after a career of home educating. I can relate…my youngest is doing all college classes this year and just turned 18. I love the way knitting can keep happening no matter what else is going on in our lives. I am the most disorganized and floundering I have ever been right now, but onward we go, right? Wish I would have discovered knitting earlier. All the projects I could have worked on while waiting for the kids!

    1. Hi, Thanks for your comment. You are so right, knitting helps us through whatever happens and sometimes we need that.

      I don’t think you goofed up anything. Knit each row exactly as they read, there are no rows in between 12,13,14 etc.. After you have knitted the bottom of the slipper and changed colour if you are going to, the slipper switches to stocking stitch, knit one row, purl one row, with the decreases as written. So don’t worry, it sounds as if you are doing everything right.

      If you have any other problems, don’t hesitate to email me and I’ll do my best to help. All the best, Mindie

      1. Hi Mindy; Love the pattern for your Duffers (like the name too)My husband takes a size 14 shoe for one foot and a 12 1/2 for the other…..due to a fractured foot that didn’t set right and he is now disabled. It looked like these slippers would be perfect for him; I have one done using the largest size you had posted where you cast on 76 stitches. I may have to add a couple rows to the bottom yet since his foot is so wide. My question would be to continue with row 20 thru say 23 or 24 how would it read? Would appreciate your help on this…..he is really anxious for me to finish a pair. Thanks for your help and the great pattern.
        You also mentioned your friend Sara and how she came up with a name for these slippers. I make (sew) upholstery fabric purses with a wood base inside, wood handles, an adjustable shoulder strap, 2 outside pockets and 5 inside pockets; I have yet to think up a clever name for my purses. Email me if you for your friend Sara have any name ideas.

        Thanks again. Mavis Fischer

      2. Hi Mavis, I am so sorry you have had no reply from me. Somehow your comment got through the net and I have only just seen it.

        Unfortunately, making the slippers wider isn’t just a case of adding a few rows to the bottom because the top shaping and front of foot are all tied in together.
        I expect that you have knitted up your slippers by now. If you haven’t do contact me again and I’ll try and put something together for you.

      3. I am not able to locate the original duffer pattern on your blog. Could you send it to me?

      4. I was reading some of the comments and came across a reply stating you have added some new sizes to the adult duffers like shoe size US 8 I purchased the pattern in Feb 2012. Does this mean I have to purchase a new pattern to get the new sizes

  3. Hi Mindie, I have made several of your duffers and just love the pattern. Thank you very much. I live in the southern part of British Columbia, Canada and I make things from recycled sweaters. My first love is knitting. When I found your pattern and made a few the reaction from my friends was awesome. I would like to sell Duffers in the local markets here in the lower mainland. Every other weekend I set up my table and sell my handmade recycled items. I think customers would love your Duffers. Would this be ok with you? Judy

    1. Hi Judy,

      Thanks. I’m so glad you like the Duffers. I don’t usually refuse anyone who wants to sell some Duffers but do ask two things. One, that you don’t go into full production mode and make hundreds and two, that you credit me as the designer with a label or some such mark. Apart from that, I wish you all the best with your crafting.

      All the best Mindie

  4. This is a response to Gayle Tucker who wrote to you on February 21, 2011 re needing written instructions for duffers because medication for Migraine headaches makes her thinking less than what it should be. I was a migraine patient and then I found a chiropractor who, with neck adjustments, cured the headaches. If I do get one now, if I go as soon as I know one is coming, he adjusts my neck and within an hour the headache is gone. Please, Gayle, try this. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And no meds to mess you up!!!

  5. Hi Mindie; Thank you for your reply; I attempted to make the larger size duffers that you had put in one of your replys and following the the increases made it taller on the sides (adding 4 rows); however the back seems to have come in much too far; think I could leave out the back decreases on those 4 extra rows. The pattern seems to be wide enough as I used the figure 8 (blind) cast on meaning no bottom seam to sew up and that helped. Perhaps if needed I could do 3 or 4 knit rows at the beginning before the increases and it would make it wide enough, if needed.
    As I had said my husband is disabled and the one foot is pretty bent up and big; his ankle alone has been 20 inches around….so it is a challenge.

    Thanks, Mavis FIscher

  6. Hi Mindie,
    I am Anne from Blazing Needles knit shop in Salt Lake City. I am writing regarding the Duffer Slipper. I love them. I was hoping to teach a class in the construction of the slippers. We would not sell the slippers and would tell the students that it is only for personal use. We have some beginning knitters that need help with increases, decreases, and sewing the slippers together. I think it would be a great project to learn these skills. We thought they would make great holiday gifts.

    Anne Winter

    1. Hi Anne, Please feel free to go ahead and teach your class. I have never had any problem with yarn shops such as yourself teaching classes using the pattern and always give my permission. Ihave on quite a number of occasionsquite happily given my permission for people to even make a few to sell at their local craft fair etc. as long as they don’t go into full production. My current problem is (without naming names) with a large commercial company using my pattern pdf and a plagiarised version (different yarn and needle size but still my original formula) as their own without asking permission or giving credit to me as original author. This breaks my copyright and is theft of my intellectual property which is why I’m quite upset I am trying to sort things out but apparently they don’t seem to want to speak to me! I will be releasing another, more comprehensive pattern for Duffers soon.Thanks for contacting me to ask and I hope your classes go well.Mindie

      1. Mindie – I had the same question – and if I handle it as Anne has, if that is still okay with you. One thing that’s kind of funny – although I’m not from Salt Lake City, I’m from a little, tiny wonderful yarn shop, The Painted Sheep, in Richfield, Utah. I can’t even believe that a company – ANY company – would have the gall to copy a pattern like that and then try to sell it. You’ve written a WONDERFUL pattern, and certainly deserve credit (monetarily and otherwise!) for it. Thank you for being so generous, yourself. Please let me know if there is anything else that you would like me to do in order to teach three classes. Just so you know the scale of things – there will be 2-5 people per class. Thank you!!!

  7. Hi Mindie,

    Long time knitter, looking for your duffer pattern, I was so distressed to read about the problems you have having with this pattern and the dishonest person who has ruined it for others. Would it be possible for me to get this pattern from you? I promise I would’nt make hundreds and set up a sweat shop in China with your pattern. I just keep seeing your pattern all over the place and just love the look of it.
    I would so appreciate you forever.

  8. Hi Mindie,

    I am so sorry to hear that someone would take advantage of you like this. I am praying that you will be able to post the pattern again soon. I was planning on making slippers for my daughters this Christmas. I am fairly new to knitting and this will be my first attempt at slippers. I will continue to check your blog.

  9. Hi Mindie,
    I just found your Duffers pattern and knit it in one night (I have a toddler so he takes up most of my time) and then felted it in the washer the next day (it was my first time felting anything, too, so it was a nice surprise to see that I did it just right). I am soooo happy to have found your pattern – it is absolutely brilliant! 19 rows is SO do-able for me and now everyone in my family – and at the office building where I have my massage studio – wants a pair!

  10. Hi there. I just bought your pattern for Duffers Revisited and I’m planning to make five pair as a gift for an upcoming “girls trip.” I searched various felted slipper patterns and your pattern was by far the cutest I found.

    I’ve begun transferring the numbers from chart 1 to each pattern print-out, and I am not sure I got it right. For US size 9.5, Chart One indicates there should be 50 stitches on the needles at the end – but when I calculate the pattern, there are only 38 stitches on the last row. Example:
    Row 23: k1, k2tog, k12, k2tog, k8, ssk, k12, ssk, k1 = 38

    I’m afraid I’m missing something. I really would appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

    1. Hi,

      Yes, this is I am afraid, a mistake in the pattern, that figure should read 38 not 50. It was pointed out to me a while ago but I have not had time to put it right as yet.

      It is the only mistake and does not affect the knitting in any way, or go into the chart as it is only a stitch count figure at the very end. There is a note on the pattern’s Ravelry page to tell you about this. I am so sorry it has confused you.

      Thank you for getting in touch, and please contact me again if you have any more questions,

      All the best and happy knitting, Mindie

      1. Mindie,

        Thanks so much for your reply. I am really excited about knitting these slippers. Just to be clear then, the US size 9.5 actually has a smaller opening at the top, with just 38 stitches remaining when I bind off?

        One more question for you, and then I’ll get started on my first pair today – I’m planning to use the “Miracle” cast-on for my first attempt and I want to make sure I get it right. This pair, the pattern calls for a CO of 60 stitches. Does that mean I’ll have 30 stitches on each set of circulars? And, once I’ve cast-on, is it possible to switche to one set of circulars for the remainder of the slipper?

        Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out – I’m a relatively new knitter and it is very helpful to be able to discuss this pattern firsthand with you.

      2. Hi Christina,

        The opening on the top is slightly different on each size because of the way the pattern works as per stitch counts and decreases but it does not make a discernible difference as the slippers have quite a wide opening. Bind off fairly loosely and you should have no problem. All yarns are different and do make quite a difference to the finished slipper.

        When casting on the stitches, you have half of the stitches each side of the bottom of the slipper. You will need to continue to work either on two circulars or one very long one using magic loop. If you have a small circular it may be possible to work on only one but I must admit I haven’t tried it.

        Good luck with your knitting, Mindie

      3. Hi Mindie,
        I came upon the same concern with the end stitch count, so started searching here to see if it was just me. I just purchased this pattern yesterday (2018Feb01), yet there was no indication on Ravelry about the problem, only about needle size correction.
        I’m so glad you answered this here, but it would be helpful to other future purchasers if you could fix the pattern. 😉 Thanks!
        Loving this pattern (now that I know the problem isn’t me!) and will look forward to making them again.
        Thank you!

  11. hello Mindie,

    I thought I’d let you know that I just finished my first pair of the duffers and they turned out great!! What fun. I can see myself knitting a TON of these in the future. Thanks for your great pattern and help.

  12. Hello Mindie,
    I am interested in using your Duffers (revisited) pattern for a knitting class at my local yarn shop. What is the best way to proceed? Do all participants need to purchase the pattern or would you grant me permission to purchase one copy and use it only for the purpose of the class?

    thank you. Have a great day!

    1. Hi,
      It is fine to use my patterns to teach a class. It is usual for each person to purchase their own copy of the pattern especially if they want to take the pattern home when the class is over, they will each need their own copy.

  13. Hi, I have now made a dozen pair of duffers – everyone loves them. My husband and sons wear size 11 shoes and the largest size duffers pattern just fits a size 9 man’s foot (I know, I just finished a pair and had to give them to a guy with small feet!). Could you post directions for making duffers that would fit size 11? Thanks so much! Jackie Parker

  14. Please help. I have tried doing the standard flat version (size 9/half) 3 time and each time the stitch count is off on the 17th row. What I’m I doing wrong. Going to try the Circular version, but only have knitting needles #10-48 inch. should I go a foot size bigger since by needles are smaller. Using Paton’s Wool Classic. Thanks for your time.

  15. I have made several duffers. Can I make the sole thicker if I do a slip 1, knit 1 on round 2 and all even rounds? Will that change the size? I would do it only for the sole. Do you have any suggestions for making the sole thicker?
    Cherie Thompson, Dorset Vermont.

    1. Hi Cherie,
      Christina’s suggestion is great and a very easy way to make the sole thicker. The only other way to do it and not as easy and quick as Christina’s is to knit two soles, then on the last row, knit the two together around then continue with the pattern. It’s a bit fiddly and not as easy but makes a double sole.
      Good luck with your knitting,

  16. Cherie – I made a thicker sole on several pair of duffers by using three strands of yarn regathering than two, I dropped the third strand after completing the sole. It worked great.

  17. Hello Mindie,
    I just came across your pattern on the internet. I love the look of your slippers. I would like to purchase the pattern, but it seems as though there are a lot of pages to the pattern, along with filling in a page for sizes and maybe it can be confusing? I ask this because I’m not the best knitter (yet) or pattern-follower which is why I have some hesitancy about it. Can you please advise if this is a pattern for someone like me? Also, what is the difference between the Duffers & Revisited Duffers? And finally, would Cascade 220 yarn work for this pattern?
    Thank you for your time–

    1. Hi Laura,

      Although the pattern has a lot of pages, you only need to print out the page that you need for the size of slipper and the method of knitting that you are going to use. You then use the spread sheet to fill out the figures onto your page and you have your pattern. You can knit the slippers flat and then seam along the bottom and up the back or knit them in the round, seamlessly if you are familiar with that method. Each row is written out so it isn’t too hard to follow. There are a couple of decreases that you may not have come across before but they are explained and if you have any trouble you will find more help with them in several places on the net.
      The Duffers pattern is a basic pattern for shoe sizes approx. 3, 5, & 7 UK (US 4 1/2, 6 1/2 & 8 1/2), and only has instructions for knitting these sizes flat then seamed. The Duffers – revisited version is the long one that covers all adult foot sizes from UK2 to 10 1/2 (US 3 to 13) and has three options for width fittings; standard, wide and extra wide. This is the version that also has instructions for seamless knitting.
      Both patterns can be knitted very well with Cascade 220. You will need to hold the yarn double as you knit, so knit with two strands together. I used Cascade 220 for most of my samples.

      I hope this helps, do get in touch if you have any problems,

  18. Hey! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog.

    Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure
    things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where to start.
    Do you have any points or suggestions? Thank you

  19. Hi, Mindie. It’s Anna from Salt Lake City. I bought your duffers pattern several years ago and got totally obsessed with them. My family, my friends, even my neibors – all enjoying your duffers. I have several extra pairs done for toddlers and would like to sell them (to pay for my yarn) with your permission. I will put link to your pattern page. Please let me know if I may. Thank you. Anna.

    1. Hi Anna,
      I don’t mind if people sell a few pairs of slippers that they have made. All I ask is that you don’t make too many (no commercial production!) and that you include my copyright and web address on a label attached to them.
      Hope you have fun,

  20. Hi just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images
    aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same results.

  21. hello,
    I love your duffers revisited pattern. I’m currently working on my third pair, third size and am wondering if there is an error in the count. On Chart 1, Standard Width Sizes, shoe size 5, R17, knitting in the round, the count seems to take a bigger decrease in number than anywhere else I can see and even after undoing a couple times, my count just doesn’t match the chart. Could you let me know if you think this is an error? Thank you, Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy,

      If you have a problem starting with R17 it means you have a miss-match between the pattern page you are using and the chart figures. You could either have the wrong page for the size you are making or the wrong column of figures.
      This is because on some sizes R17 is where the back shaping starts but not on others. This throws the stitch count out quite a bit which is what you are experiencing.

      All the best and please do get back to me if you have any other problems,
      Kind regards, Mindie

    1. Hi Jannette,
      You can get the pattern from Ravelry, Love Knitting or Etsy. If you put in Duffers in the search on any of these sites it will come up with the options for you.
      All the best,

  22. Hi Skygess,
    The patterns have not been changed on any of the versions recently so you should have the most up to date pattern.

  23. I would like the slippers to come a bit higher, should I just knit a few more rows following the pattern?

    also what makes thicker slippers knitting with bulky wool or two strands of dk?


    1. Hello,

      You can knit a couple of extra rows onto the slippers to make them come higher if you would like but there are a couple of things you need to consider depending on how you want your slipper to end up. The first way is to continue knitting the extra rows and the decreases as set in the pattern. This will bring the slippers a little higher but also bring them in a little more. This works well if you are finding that the opening of the slipper around the top of your foot is a little large. The second way is to knit the extra rows without any further shaping, just straight up. This will leave the opening at the top of the slipper the same size but bring the sides up a little. You will get a slight up-stand with this method a little like a boot. Either way works, it just depends on what you would like. All yarns felt in slightly different ways and you can find that with one yarn the opening is very wide and the front of the slipper short but with a different yarn this is not the case.

      As to the yarns, it is difficult to answer. All yarns do felt slightly differently as I said and the results are not always necessarily the same. For the samples in the pictures I used Cascade 220 held double which I find to be a heavy dk or worsted weight yarn and the slippers are quite thick. What I would suggest is that if you are on Ravelry, have a look at some of the projects there and see which yarns people have used and the results they got from them. I have tried to make the pattern as fail-safe as possible (considering felting is not an exact science) and the sizes are pretty accurate but there is still a difference in results vs yarn used.

      I do hope this answers your question and is helpful. If you have any other problems, please do contact me again as I am always happy to try and help.
      With Kind regards,

  24. Hi Mindie !

    I have another question. On the image of revisited duffers, the white ones have a contrasted grey line, could you give me instructions to make it ? I didn’t find it in the pattern. Thank you.

    Jüdith B

  25. Jüdith,

    The contrast line was put in when knitting the sole part of the slipper, the garter stitch section. To do this, when you are 4 rows/rounds from the end of the section which should be Row 6, I think, change the colour of yarn to the one you are using for the top of the slipper, follow the instructions for Row 6 & 7 in this new colour and then change back to the original colour for the sole for the last two Rows, 8 & 9.

    Hope you have fun switching your colours and coming up with some new variations.
    All the best,

  26. it says the pattern is free but it is NOT! I’m getting pretty discouraged trying to find the “free” pattern.
    where is this “free” pattern. and do not send me to Raverly
    because it is not there for free.

  27. Hello Anneke,

    I am not sure where it says that the pattern is free, it is marked as £1.5o here on the pattern page and elsewhere. Many, many years ago it was given as a free pattern but due to copyright issues it was changed to a paid pattern.
    To be honest £1.50 / $1.88 for the pattern I thought was very reasonable. I am sorry that you do not and have had a fruitless search.

    With kind regards,

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