Robyn is another simple but classic blanket with an all-over texture pattern. One of those blankets that is neutral but pleasing.

At first glance this blanket pattern is very similar to the Gracie Blanket but the texture is slightly finer and, in my opinion, the stitch is easier to work.

Suitable for the beginner knitter, this blanket does require a little concentration but is still not too difficult.
The knitting starts with the bottom border and then the main body of the blanket is knitted before ending with the top border. Stitches are then picked up along the sides to work the borders outwards at each side.

Full instructions are given for working the side borders although I don’t give actual numbers of stitches to pick up.
The reason for this is that, even if you have the correct number of stitches for the tension required across your knitting, it is not always a given that you will have the same amount of rows, or you may have even decided to make the blanket shorter or longer. This can cause problems when given a number of stitches to pick up that is based on the row gauge of the pattern or size of the blanket, but not what you have achieved.
When picking up stitches along the side of a smaller item, such as a baby cardigan, this does not cause a great deal of trouble (most of the time) but on larger items you can end up with a border that pulls too tightly or is exceedingly baggy. Not the results we all look for.
If you have experience, over time you naturally adjust your stitches so they work with your knitted piece, but if you haven’t worked many picked up edgings before it can be a cause for frustration.

To negotiate this problem, I have instead given directions for picking up the stitches, whatever length your blanket is. I also tell you how to end with the correct multiple of stitches so you get neat and even results.
This method, once learnt, will hold for all types of project where you need to pick up and knit stitches. Maybe you lengthened a cardigan body for instance so the original pick up numbers for the button border will no longer apply. There are many ways to work out how many stitches to pick up for any type of project. In the pattern I give the easiest and most basic of methods.

Pattern Information

Finished Dimensions:  
64 x 76 cm / 25 x 30 inches

Any suitable DK weight yarn. You will need approx. 825m in total.

For the blanket above I used Rico Baby Classic DK – 165m/50g. 5 Balls
4mm or the size to get you the correct tension. Circular needles are recommended for this         project due to the number of stitches but a long pair of straight needles that will hold the stitches comfortably would also work.
24 sts to 10 cm / 4 inches in pattern.
Knitting tension is not crucial but if you do work to a different tension your blanket will come out larger or smaller and will take a different amount of yarn.
Techniques Used: 
Knit, purl, P2tog, K2tog. It will also help if you have picked up and knitted stitches before.
The pattern is available to purchase through LoveKnitting.
Pattern support is available for this, and all my patterns. Please contact me through the email address in the bar or through the contact me. I always do my best to give you a speedy reply.

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