Diet Experiment

I have been keeping busy as usual, especially over the last …. almost three months since my last post apparently.

I wanted to spend some time just thinking, weighing up and sorting out. Sometimes it helps to shake things up a bit and see what falls out. Like that cupboard that you just keep throwing things into until one day you open the door and it all comes tumbling out at you. How much better is it once you’ve faced up to all the mess and given the whole thing a tidy up. And, what better time to do it than the summer when the weather and long days seem to spur you along.

I started out by taking another look at my diet. As you may know from some of my posts, I do not eat gluten, dairy or processed foods. I had been very strict over what I ate for somewhere between four and five years and this had basically taken me from being pretty unwell to being well again, better than I had been before I even became recognisably ‘ill’.

Over time though, I had come to feel a little fed up about what I was and was not eating. Following such a restrictive diet is fine if you are very organised, but our life lacked a certain amount of spontaneity and frankly sometimes I just didn’t want to have to think about food.

I decided that I would experiment and try all the things that previously bothered me, just see what happened. I don’t want to write a virtual book about it all, far too long and boring, but I did learn a great deal and feel that it was well worth the effort. I found that I still have problems eating all the foods that I had previously cut out but reactions to some of them have decreased in severity over time. On the whole though, my body will not tolerate these foods and I was left at the end of the summer feeling tired, uncomfortable, in pain and weighing half a stone more than when I began!

After feeling so annoyed about how I needed to eat, taking this time to re-evaluate things has been freeing for me and reminded me why I started out on my ‘food journey’ in the beginning.  Although eating this way takes a great deal of effort, I feel much, much better and my quality of life is vastly improved when I do take the time to eat carefully. I also found out that my family now far prefer gluten and dairy free cakes to ‘normal’ ones!

Pictures from early autumn. This little lot moved into the fields behind our house.




And these are always about.








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