All the diversity, all the charm, and all the beauty of life are made up of light and shade.”


The sunlight is beautiful today.  The light that we get at our latitude this time of year (when it’s not cloudy) has a beauty that just fills me with wonder.  In June on the solstice when the sun is at its maximum elevation, its angle to where I live is 62.54 deg. Today it is 30.62 deg, about half, but by the shortest day of the year, 21 December it will only be 15.8, roughly half again. If only we could have the beauty but it not be cold; can’t have one without the other though so it’s swings and roundabouts I suppose, you can’t have everything.

I am still knitting up another pocket sweater, all be it slowly.  As usual I have been sidelined by other things.


I’ve been knitting up some hats.  To be precise, I’ve been making up a tam pattern to match the Menet cardigan.  It all started with some gift knitting that I needed to do.  Mostly, each year I knit for my nieces daughters and other small ones in the family.  Last year I wasn’t well enough so this year I thought it best to start early – best intentions and all that. I did knit the test Menet cardigans in handy sizes so that I could pass them along when done and two went to good homes but not where I had originally intended them to go. So, on Thursday I bought some yarn to start knitting a couple more and realised that if they were to be worn before spring they needed sleeves.

If I was going to work out sleeves for two sizes, I thought I may as well do all sizes and add them to the pattern as in the Hathor version. I should have done it in the first place really, but at the time I was only thinking about warmer weather. I have yet to test the pattern but it will be available as soon as it has been edited for any mistakes and I have knitted one up for the pictures.  If you have already bought the Menet pattern, the sleeve addition will be available as a free update.

Menet Tam
Menet Tam

So you ask, how did I get from sleeves to hats. Well, my gift knitting always involves at least a hat or two. This year I will be making one of these minion hats (Ravelry link). Don’t ask – suffice to say it’s not for a child! I thought it would be nice to use up the extra yarn left from the cardigans on a hat and I suppose it went from there. I knitted up a quick trial sample, then another.

The brim is knitted flat, then joined and the rest is knitted seamlessly in the round. The slip stitch pattern must be flat as the colour changes stop the knitting from holding together well enough. The same reason Hathor and Menet are cardigans not sweaters.

The decreases for the crown swirl in a circular motion and the top of the hat ends in a long I-cord and bobble, which I couldn’t help adding purely because I thought it cute.


The hat is a tam shape which could be worn floppy or with some slouch at the back. As you can see, the test knit hats are drying in the autumn sun. When they are mostly dry I’ll bring them in for some gentle blocking. I’ve knitted these in acrylic, as they will go to my niece who needs them to be machine and dryer proof. The pattern is written and is just waiting for some tech editing and photos.

I did have a whole post written up about the benefits of chicken soup but that seemed more appropriate for a wet and gloomy day, something today is definitely not.



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    You can order direct from here via the pattern page, just click on the buy it now button under the pattern you wish to purchase and you will be re-directed to pay via paypal. You will then receive an email with a link to download your patterns in pdf format. If you are a member of Ravelry you can also purchase via my pattern page on Ravelry, the patterns will then be stored in your library.
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