Hathor Pattern

Finally I have finished the Hathor pattern and it is now listed here and on Ravelry for sale.  I know it has taken some time for me to put it together but I hope all the wait was worth it.

Hathor Cardigan

I have added an option for long sleeves which makes Hathor a more versatile pattern.  I like some options in my knitting don’t you!

The colour options are endless and I am sure, as I have seen from the test knitters, that there are many more interesting combinations than mine.

Hathor / Menet Colours
Hathor / Menet Colours

Don’t let the fact that the yoke pattern looks complicated put you off.  It is very simple to knit once you have the hang of it over the first few rows and looks like you have taken hours over intricate colour-work.  In fact, only one colour is used on any row and the ‘clever’ patterning is achieved by slipping stitches and working in garter stitch which makes the colours travel and mix in a fascinating way.

Hathor Yoke
Hathor Yoke

The only thing you need to remember when working this stitch pattern is that all stitches are slipped purl-wise and the yarn is always held at the back of the work when slipping them.  Sometimes this just means slipping a stitch then knitting one but sometimes you will need to bring the yarn to the front to slip a stitch and then take it back again to knit the next stitch; this only happens one row in four though, so even that isn’t too much work.  Once you have the hang of that though, the rest is child’s play.


The body of Hathor has a gentle waist shaping which gives it a more fitted feel and a feminine shape.  As Hathor is knitted from the top down, I have given instructions for adjusting this shaping by trying on your cardigan and positioning the waist to suit.  It is also easy to adjust the length of the body and sleeves to your own measurements.


Available for £ 3.75 by instant download.

I am always contactable through the email address at the top left of the page for any pattern support or questions you may have.

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