Finally,  the pattern for the child’s cardigan, Menet, is done.

Menet Child's
Menet Child’s

A long time coming, I know, but I did play around with this for quite a while (as usual) and it has had a couple of reincarnations –  which I suppose is only fitting for something named after an Egyptian necklace and the daughter of Senusret III.

Menet Cardigan

Top down and seamless, it has a garter slip stitch pattern on the yoke in three alternating colours and a plain, stocking stitch body.  The neck, body and sleeve edges are knitted in moss stitch which I thought went well with the knobbly pattern of the yoke.

I hope to be listing the pattern later today.  It covers finished chest sizes from 20″/50 cm to 30″/76 cm in two inch/5cm increments. It can be knitted in any DK or perhaps fingering yarn that knits up at 6 sts per inch / 2.5 cm.

I tried several different DK weight yarns for this. The red and white version in the above photo is knitted from Wendy Merino a 100% superwash merino yarn. It knitted up (and ripped back) nicely but isn’t a soft, soft, merino as some are.  This suited me quite nicely as for some strange reason I’m not that fond of very soft merino, however I’m not sure this would be suitable for very small babies as personally, I don’t think it soft enough.  Your opinion could differ. The pink yarn was one I had lying around that I thought would go nicely.  It’s not the Wendy Merino but joined in and played nicely.

Menet 3


The version above is the smallest 20″ finished size.  I knitted it in Patons Diploma Gold DK, a wool blend machine washable yarn.  The content is 55% wool, 25% acrylic and 20% nylon.  It’s a very popular yarn for its’ easy care and knits up nicely.  Although I’m not too keen on man made fibres, I know that it is the go to choice for children’s wear as it is easy on the pocket and hard wearing.  This yarn also comes in a huge array of colours.

The pink and purple version at the top in the first picture above (which is not quite finished yet) is in a yarn called Wendy Mode, a 50/50 blend of Merino and Acrylic.  At first glance this looks rather man made and has a little fluffiness to it but I must admit that is is easy to knit with and doesn’t look bad once knitted up.  I can’t say what it is like once it is washed and blocked as I haven’t got that far with it yet but if anything untoward happens I’ll let you know.


This cardigan makes quite a good cross season knit.  A cover up for chilly summer days and evenings but equally as good with something like a long sleeved T underneath for spring or autumn.

Menet Red 3

The sizes listed on the pattern are finished chest sizes.  I would recommend knitting a size 2″/5cm larger than the actual chest size you want to allow for ease of movement and a little growing room, perhaps more depending on how much growing room you want.

This cardigan knits up pretty easily and quickly.  You will need to know how to pick up stitches for the button bands and knit in the round with two needles or dpn’s for adding the sleeve edging. A knowledge of seamless knitting and moss stitch is helpful but probably not essential.  Apart from that and a little sewing in of ends and putting buttons on, it is all pretty straightforward.

Menet 6I’ve had  a few false starts designing this but its been fun. I’ve knitted and knitted on these, which is unusual for me as I usually get bored if I have to knit more than one of something. There is just the right amount of interest in the yoke knitting and the body makes pretty good TV knitting so they go pretty quickly and no added sleeves is a bonus.

I am now looking forward to writing up the adult version of this pattern, after all this knitting it would be nice if I get one I can wear!

Menet Red 2




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