How time flies

when you’re having fun…. or whatever is happening really..

I can’t believe that it has been over eighteen months since I shut down my blog and left just the pattern pages standing.

A great deal has happened since then.  I’ve been else where, being someone else and doing other things. Not exactly in a spy/clandestine way you understand, just not being quite myself or doing my usual things; it sure felt as if I was someone else for a while.

Unfortunately, I’ve also been unwell for the last year. More about that later, but suffice to say that my cooking has taken another turn. I used to post gluten and dairy free recipes here. Now I cook without even more; corn, soya, yeast, oats and sometimes eggs and fruit to name a few. It gets interesting and I am having fun (if you can call it that) exploring the vast array of new blogs and books out there dedicated to the subject.

But, I have never stopped knitting, (gasp in horror at the thought)  I’ve been designing too, so I’ve kept my hand in.

Hopefully now though I am able to come back and bore you all with my activities. I don’t expect that I will re-instate the original pages that I removed, a new start with a fresh look is called for I think, but for those of you that remember what the original blog consisted of I expect this will look similar. For those who don’t (and why would you in all honesty) I drivel on about knitting and other crafts such as spinning with a generous sprinkling of gardening and cooking thrown in for good measure.  With a fair wind behind me I also hope to be posting some reviews on various knitting and cookery books and reviewing allergy friendly and not so friendly recipes. I shall also be putting some new patterns up and discussing design ideas for others too.

So, an exciting time ahead. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I will…it’s nice to be back!

Happy Days

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