DUFFERS revisited

Felted slippers in multiple sizes and widths with options for knitting flat and seaming, or seamless.

From its small beginnings, just three sizes over two pages, the pattern has now grown into an absolute monster running to 16 pages.  Don’t worry though, you should never have to print them all out, not unless you want to.

The pattern is available as an instant download for £4.25 (plus applicable taxes) on my Payhip site: Here

or from LoveCrafts

The pattern now covers sizes:

UK: 2, 3, 5, 6-7, 8, 10 ½

US: 3, 5½, 7½, 9½, 10½, 13

EUR: 33, 35.5, 38, 39-40, 43, 45

I give these sizes as a guide only.  As I said in my last post re. the Little Duffers, finding exact shoe sizes and foot lengths on the net was difficult.  It is better for a more accurate size guide to go by the finished foot lengths.  These are:

INCHES: 8½, 9, 9½, 10, 10½ & 11

CM: 23, 23.5, 24, 25.5, 26.5 & 28

Each of these sizes can be knitted in Standard, Wide and Extra Wide width fittings.

Each width fitting adds approx. 1″ to the circumference of the slipper.  The smallest three sizes start at a foot circumference of about 8-8 1/2″ so the wide version comes in at 9-9 1/2″ and the extra wide at 10-10 1/2.  Similarly the largest three sizes have foot circumferences which start at about 9 1/2-10″ so the wide is 10 1/2-11″ and the extra wide 11 1/2 – 12″.  These sizes do of course depend on how hard you felt the slippers and your yarn, but with the slippers felted to the correct length these are about the sizes you should expect to be getting.

Just to add to the mix, on top of all those sizes, the pattern now covers knitting the slippers flat and then seaming or knitting them seamlessly.  The seamless version uses Judy Becker’s magic cast on which means you don’t even have to seam the bottom when you are finished.  You can Judy’s article covering her fantastic method on Knitty here.  I don’t cover it in the pattern, there just isn’t room to put anything more in, but if you don’t want to use this method, you can still knit the slippers in the round. Just cast on with a long tail cast on and join for knitting in the round as you would with, say, a top down sock and sew up the bottom seam when you’ve finished knitting.

The pattern consists of written patterns covering different sets of sizes ( there are two sets, the smallest three and the largest three sizes),  different widths and methods of knitting.  Each of these patterns has a page of its own with blank spaces where the number of stitches etc. should be.  All figures for the different patterns are in chart form and there are two charts.  The pattern page for your chosen size, width and method will tell you which chart you need the figures from.

To make up your pattern all you need to do is print the one pattern page that shows your size, width and method of knitting.  Then take the numbers from the appropriate chart and fill in the blank spaces you are then ready to start knitting.

The pattern is so huge and along with the  Little Duffers covers every size you should need from 4″ to 11″ in half inch increments.

I hope you like them!

31 thoughts on “DUFFERS revisited

  1. Greetings,
    I attempted to purchase your duffies revisted on Ralvery but there was a glitch in PayPal. I realized the sizes were a little confusing so I glad it didn’t go through. I need a toddler size and an adult size so which pattern do I need.? Please advise.

    1. Hi, The adult sizes are in the original Duffers OR Duffers – revisited patterns.

      Which one you buy will depend whether you need one of the original three sizes that are in the Duffers original or the extended sizes and widths that the Revisited pattern gives.

      The toddler sizes of slippers are in the Little Duffers pattern.

      The details of the sizes and finished foot lengths are on the pattern pages for each one.

      Hope this helps, All the best with your knitting, Mindie

    2. Hi Mindie – I need a size for a child 10 and one 7 I think one has a size 3 or so and the other around 12 that is childs size – which chart do I go by? Thanks Love the slippers..

  2. I am from the US, and can not find a price for the revisited and the child patterns. How much in $ for both of the patterns?
    Thank you,

  3. Hi:

    I recently bought your Duffers revised pattern and I love it! However, I was shocked to see, in my LYS yesterday, a pair of Duffers beside the Patons Classic Wool with a note saying that if you buy the yarn they will give away the pattern for free.

    Also, I noticed that one Etsy shop is selling your slippers – completely in violation of your copyright notice on the pattern.

    I was angry on your behalf. I really appreciate the pattern, and when a friend asked me about making felted slippers I recommended that she BUY your pattern on Ravelry.

    I don’t know how much trouble it would be to bring the baddies to justice but I feel badly that you are being robbed like this!

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know about this. Some people have permission to sell a small number of slippers that they make but they must show my copyright along side the sale notice and the slippers, also, I do sell to some shops in the US so they may be giving a pattern away that they have purchased from me, but, I would be so grateful if you could give me some more information on this so I can look into it. I have had problems with copyright before, and although it can be difficult to do something about it, quite often contacting the person is enough to make them realise that it is as you say, stealing. Many people just don’t realize the amount of time and work that goes into producing patterns and giving pattern support afterwards, I always think that they would never dream of doing it if they did. Thanking you in anticipation, Mindie

  4. i could not get paypal to work and i could not buy per my two only credit cards one a debit card both kept telling me it was wrong codes or wrong date on card which was not true. so what do i do or did it go thru and when will i get it got to conformation about is it mailed snail mail or email i thought it was downloaded and printed so what is it to be. just wondering if this being from usa is there a problem with that.

    1. Hi,
      I’m afraid I don’t handle any of the payments or sales, they are handled through Paypal and delivered by Ravelry via instant pdf download. If you are having trouble with your credit card you would need to contact paypal to see what the problem is. All paypal transactions are confidential between you and them and I have no card information given to me at all.
      Hope this helps,


  5. MINDIE!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    Ok so Ive excitedly starting knitting your duffers (the plan is they will be Christmas gifts for veryone but as I only started learning to knit a week ago this might be a bit ambitious but we shall see!) – anyway I’m doing to circular needle method, and dont understand row 3, Ive filled in the corresponding numbers so it reads:
    p1, m1p, p32, m1p, p2, m1p, p32, m1p, p1
    Ive done p1, m1p, p32, m1p but that used up all my stitches on the first needle, so how do I then p2, m1p, p32, m1p, p1? I figure I do the same on each needle for each round so I am guessing I dont turn the needles round and do p2, m1p, p32, m1p, p1 on the second needle? Please help, I am so excited to keep going but have hit an stumbling block…….

    Also a much smaller question as Im sure it will become apparant once Ive made my first pair, but if Im doing two colours – does the first colour I knit with make the top or the sole? Anyway thats less important than my above confusion!

    Hoping you can help and thanks in advance if you can……

    I wonder if I may have figured my mistake but can someone, anyone, tell me if I’m right please?!
    On the circular pattern, when it says cast on 68 stitches – does it mean 68 stitches on the top needle and 68 on the bottom? Or does it mean 68 stitches across bopth needles, ie 34 on the top and 34 on the bottom?
    Please someone help me…….

    1. The figures on the chart for casting on refer to the total stitch count so the 68 would be, for circular knitting, 34 on each needle.
      Hope this helps,

  7. Thanks so much for your help Mindie – Ive just made my first foot and am so pleased! With your added explanation I found it an easy pattern to follow – if youre new to knitting like me go buy it and give it a try, much more fun than a boring straight scarf!

  8. How do you keep the colors from running when you wash them? I made a pair in one color and they turned out great, but now I want to try 2 colors.

      1. Thank you. I’m felting them in a top-loading washing machine. How much vinegar do you put in? Do you also add anything like Woolite?

      2. I too use a top load washer and fill for a half load with hot water, a bit of woolite and 1 cup of white vinegar. I put my slippers in a pillow case and close with a rubber band and I let it agitate on fast for 14 minutes, stop and agitate again then let it finish the cycle. I then toss the pillow case in the dryer and dry on high for 40 minutes.

  9. Hello,
    I purchased your duffer pattern on ravelry and have made 2 large pair without a hitch. I have a regular width, flat knit on my needles in a size 5/71/2/38. I’ve worked thru row 16. Should the next three rows be 21, 22 and 23?

    1. Hi,
      The next three rows should be 17, 18 & 19 with figures of 21, 18 & 16 to fill in the boxes. These are the three rows with the decreases on the back of the slipper for the heel as well as the front.
      Mi die

  10. Hi,
    I purchased your Duffers, but I don’t see my size which is an 8. How can I turn the 7 1/2 into an 8? Thank you:)

    1. Hi,
      All sizes are approximate so I always suggest people go by the finished foot length rather than shoe size. The finished foot lengths are only half an inch apart each size so you should find one nearer your size.

  11. HI MINDIE,

  12. Fantastic slippers! I can’t wait to put mine on each evening. I’ve made six pairs for friends and have requests for more.

    But…please help me with the arithmetic on the US size 9.5 standard width! I get the 80 stitches after Row 9, but by the time I get down to Row 23 I’m down to 38 stitches but Chart 1 says I should have 50 stitches. Where am I going wrong?

    Another question – what width would I use for a typical men’s medium width slipper, wide or extra wide?

    Thank you! – Lois

  13. i have punches the pattern, but having trouble with row 17,i have 24 stitches and not 21 as the pattern says in cirkulation knitting standard with shoesize 5, i have tried twice

  14. Hi Mindie, love your pattern – have made many slippers for gifts and people love them so much that they have worn holes in the bottom. Lol Do you know how I could put a double sole on them? I have tried to figure something out but am a bit of a novice knitter. Please help if you can.

  15. Hi Dana,

    There are two ways I can think of for putting a double sole on the slippers. For both you knit an extra sole first, so cast on and knit the slipper up until you change to stocking stitch i.e.. just the garter stitch portion so you have just the sole.
    Then you could either, cast / bind off that first one, knit the actual slipper and then whip stitch the extra sole to the bottom of the slipper.
    Or secondly, you could put the first sole onto a spare needle, knit another sole and then knit around the two soles working the stitches together. You can do this by placing one on top of the other and, taking one stitch from the top sole and one stitch from the bottom sole knit the two stitches together. Work this way all the way around and you will end up with one set of stitches but two soles joined together.
    You can then felt these as you would normally.
    I have done this only once with a slipper pattern that I was working on that never made it to the final draft. It did work well but I can’t promise anything!
    I hope this has given you some inspiration to give the double sole a try!

    Good luck and thank you,

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