‘Duffers’ – A Quick and Easy 19 row Felted Slipper pattern



the Original 19 Row Slippers

Available in PDF form from my Payhip store here

This is the basic pattern with three basic sizes. For the larger, expanded pattern with many more sizes and wider width fittings, see the Duffers – revisited pattern (link on the side bar).

Gratefull thanks to Sarah for the name suggestion, without which I would still be calling them ‘no name felted slippers’ or some such thing.

As I said, I have knitted about six of these as the patten now stands.  Part of me would not be happy until I had knitted about ten pairs at least.  If you do knit a pair and notice any errors please let me know.


You will need:

Yarn: Lana Grossa Feltro  50m/50g OR:  Any pure untreated wool that will felt. If you want to use a DK weight yarn (100m / 50 g) hold the yarn double throughout.

You will need about 150m (300m DK) for the single colour slippers and 100m each colour (200m each DK) for the two colour ones.

Needles: Size 8mm (or size to get you to the correct tension) straight or circular needles, the slippers are worked flat and then sewn.

Tension: In stocking stitch your knitting should measure 3 sts / 1” and 4 rows / 1”.  Use the size of needle which gets you closest to this measurement.

To fit sizes: Approx. UK3, UK 5, UK 7  (US4 ½, US6 1/2, US8 ½)  For the smallest size read the figures as given, the larger sizes are in parentheses.  If only one figure is given this refers to all sizes.  (If you need  size larger please see below in the comments for instructions)

Size before felting: Length Approx. 27cm (29 cm, 31 cm)  Height Approx: 13cm at front & 11.5 cm at back.


105 thoughts on “‘Duffers’ – A Quick and Easy 19 row Felted Slipper pattern

  1. These are awesome!!!!! Just one quick question, I need the next larger size US 9-10. Where
    would the increases take place in the pattern?
    Thanks so very much

    1. Love the pattern, My sister is TINY. She wears size 3US shoes. How can I downsize the pattern to fit her tiny feet? I really appreciate it as my little Cinderella sister needs something as wonderful as your felted slippers. Thank you! Bethel

      1. Hi and thanks for your comment,

        I’ve just looked at a shoe size conversion chart and I think a US3 is about a 2 – 2 1/2 UK, if that’s right then I would probably try knitting the smallest size and felting them really well. I once knitted a pair that should have been about a UK 3 and left them in the washer for too long, they came out a perfect UK2 ! It does depend on how well your chosen yarn felts of course, it’s never exact. You could also try going down a needle size, the slippers would come out a little smaller to start with and then you could felt them as normal.

        I hope this helps, good luck with them and I hope your sister likes them, Mindie

  2. Another question about a larger size–do I have to cast on more stitches to get a larger size or just do the increases where indicated? Looks like a great pattern and am knitting a smaller size now. Thanks.

      1. I just saved this pattern… I plan on making some for my daughter for her birthday this week kind of as a surprise…They are SO cute! Thanks so much for sharing I’m excited as I’ve read all the raves…

      2. Hi Mindie, I have been trying to figure out how to contact you privately regarding your duffer pattern. Could you please email me

  3. Gotta tell ya – I have now made about 16 pairs of these. I rave about this pattern. I am making a pair for everyone I know. Easy peasy, fast, and looks great in the end – what more could you ask for! Thanks for the pattern!

    1. I’m so glad you like it and thanks for letting me know, it’s lovely to hear from people. To think I actually hesitated to publish as I wasn’t sure people would like them! Thanks again Mindie

  4. Easy peasy pattern and great results. Just wanted to add I have found spray Plasti Dip and have used that one the bottom of the slipper to prevent slippage. 2 coats. Haven’t tried it yet but it looks and feels that that will work. (hope it does as I have sprayed all the pairs that I have gotten shrunk!! Is that a word??)

  5. I’ve just finished my first pair. Really – they’re not dry yet. And I can tell you this will be just my first pair of many. Let’s just say as easy as these are, I made them hard – at least until I had that ah-ha moment. My comments are on my Ravelry project page. I’m GinRose on Ravelry.

    Gretchen’s suggestion for using Plasti Dip is great! I remember seeing somewhere the idea of using puffy fabric paint to make zigzags, dots, paw prints, etc. on the bottom of slippers. Same idea.

    Thanks for the cutest slipper pattern ever. I’m so glad you decided to publish!


    1. Thanks Gin, I’m so glad you like them.

      Gretchen’s idea of the Plasti Dip is great, I agree and it will probably make them last quite a bit longer too. I haven’t tried it myself but do plan to when I make some for my Mother. If you want to see an alternative, follow the German link on the Ravelry pattern page and have a look at Kathryn’s, they are quite something.

      All the best, Mindie

    2. I made my first pair and I’m in love with them! Will there always be the possibility of further shrinkage with subsequent washings?

      1. Yes there will. Once you have the slippers to the size you want then you will need to hand wash them gently so that the don’t shrink any more.

  6. Hi, I’m so excited about these slippers! I just finished knitting the first one, am working on sewing it up. What is a “flat over and over” seam that you recommend for the bottom? I’ve searched around the internet and can’t find any explanation or any other seem called that. Is it the same as the three needle bind off?

    Thanks for the clarification! I have a feeling I will be making many more of these as gifts this season. Thanks for sharing your pattern!


    1. Hi Susie,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I call the seam flat over and over seam but it is also called overstitch. It is very easy to do. Once you have your yarn threaded, hold the two pieces of knitting together at the edge, and, working from back to front, bring your needle through the very edge of the two pieces together, pull the yarn through, then start at the back again and push the needle through the two edges a little further down from the last stitch. Don’t pull the yarn too tight so that you get a lump, just tight enough to hold them together but still lay flat when you open the seam out. The yarn goes through the two edges and over, through and over. It is a little like blanket stitch but do not catch the yarn through the loop.

      The other way you could seam the bottom together is by using invisible seaming for garter stitch. There is a really good tutorial here http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring04/mattress.html Scroll down a little until you reach “Invisible vertical seaming on garter stitch”. This method should work pretty well.

      Whichever method you choose, as long as the seam is pretty flat, once you have felted your slippers all will be fine, just remember to make sure you secure the yarn ends in really well so there are no holes. I hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to drop me an email if you need any other help at all.

      Good luck with your knitting. All the best, Mindie

      1. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond! I am really impressed:) And I think I figured it out from your directions. I’m always looking for an exact science about these things when really there is usually room for some creativity.

        They felted beautifully!!! I am bummed my LYS isn’t open on Sundays because I’m so excited to start more pairs! I think I’m going to play around with some embellishments like a mary jane strap, or some buttons or something.

        Thanks again!


  7. Thank you so much for the pattern for the wonderful slippers. I have knit and felted more things than I can count and was a little skeptical of the ease of your pattern. So, I made just one and felted it and the laugh was on me! They are sweet!!! They remind me of ballerina flats. I have got to say that I’ve never used a pattern that was written better than yours. You did a great job! Thanks again for sharing this. I can finally use up some of my leftover yarn and give great Christmas gifts in the process. Glad you shared this on Ravelry.

    1. Hi, Yes, I think I would probably try and get an idea of the size of the persons’ feet and felt them but not too severely; better to be a bit big and then perhaps you could adjust them after.

      All the best Mindie.

  8. I also thought even a larger size than the one on the web site would be nice. Most men would have larger feet than the “added on” size ones. Love the pattern.

  9. Have been waiting to get all my Christmas knitting done so I could start these. Made the first one tonight. Lovely pattern I just hope it will be big enough. Have never felted before so this is a true first.
    Merry Christmas. Annie

    1. Merry Christmas to you as well Annie, I have just finished my Christmas knitting too, well sort of, I have a sweater to knit but we’ve agreed that it can be done after Christmas, so I’m free to work on other things for a while. It feels good to have it all done don’t you think? Thanks for the comment and good luck with the felting.. a little at a time works well I’ve found, if you can that is, I have a front loader so it’s not always possible.

      All the best, Mindie

  10. Thank you for the pattern, I have made one pair and they came out perfect, going to make myself a whole selection in different colours

  11. These are super cute – I saw them on Betz White’s blog today and can’t wait to make a pair. Any suggestions for making them in baby sizes?

  12. This is a wonderful pattern. I have my yarn & I’m ready to get started! Just one question…do you have a picture of a slipper before it is seamed? I’d love to know how it is supposed to look flat as I’m working on it. Again, thank you so much for sharing, they are beautiful!!

    1. Hi, Yes, if you go to the pattern page on my blog and look at the first picture you will be able to see pretty much how it looks except that unfortunately you can’t see the bottom of the slipper. Don’t worry, as you knit along you will be able to see how it goes together. Any problems feel free to contact me again. Mindie

  13. These are absolutely wonderful–felted slippers size 7 1/2. My first felting project, and they came out exactly as I wanted them!

    I also made a child’s size 11 using smallest pattern directions, worsted wool held single, and size 8 needles. Perfect–thank you for sharing.

  14. If I can’t get the yarn required can you suggest some other that could be substituted? I have never heard of what you mention. I love the pattern and would love to make some. They look like manufactured slippers. Clara

    1. Hi Clara,

      You can make the slippers with any pure fibre that will felt. Any bulky yarn will be fine or alternatively you can use an aran or worsted weight used double, you could even try a heavy DK weight double. As long as you can achieve the tension stated, or as close as possible to it you should be able to adjust the final size in the felting process.

      If you are on Ravelry, you can have a look at the different yarns people have used and the results they have got from them. Some yarns used include Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Bulky, Cascade 220 doubled, Lion Brand Alpine wool and fisherman’s wool.

      I hope this helps, Best wishes, Mindie

  15. I just finished knitting a pair of the slippers and thoroughly enjoyed making them. Thank you for posting the pattern! The pattern was easy to follow and worked up quickly. I’m in the process of felting them and finding it is much slower than expected. Can you tell me how much I can expect them to shrink when dry?

    1. Hi and thanks for contacting me,

      I am afraid that it is a little difficult to answer your question with an exact figure.

      Felting is never an exact science and the results you get depend on several things. Firstly, different yarns will felt at different rates and amounts. Also, the heat of the water and the amount of agitation on the item will change things considerably as will the tension of the yarn when knitted. I know that it all sounds complicated, and it can be, but there is a simple way to get your slippers to the size you want regardless of all the above. Keep felting them until they are the size you want them to be. I know it sounds a little unhelpful if you are having problems but it really is a simple as that. Sometimes this can happen very quickly but with some yarns they can be a little resistant and will take some time, perhaps two or even three washes. Hard to believe really, after all if it were a sweater that you didn’t want to felt it would probably be far too easy to shrink it by mistake!

      There will be little change in size between when the sipper is wet and when it is dry so you do have to try them on wet gauge the size and although they will stretch just a little and mould to the shape of your feet once you start wearing them, they do need to be as close as possible to the size you want when you stop felting.

      Oh, and just a word of warning, from my own experience, once you have them the right size and they need a wash, only give them a gentle hand wash because however hard they were to felt when you wanted them to, when you don’t want them to they will shrink!

      Good luck with your felting and please feel free to contact me again if you need any further help or advise. Mindie.

  16. Thank you for the tips. Things went a bit faster when I realized your suggested temperatures were in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit. I was washing them by hand as I don’t have good temperature control on my washer. They shaped up and dried very nicely and, they fit perfectly.

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  18. I knitted Duffers using 100 mg wool yarn doubled and size 8 needles in the largest size shown. The pair came out fitting me perfectly before felting them. This is puzzling. Did I do something wrong? They are beautiful but I was so hoping to felt them.

    1. Hi, I’m sorry that your duffers haven’t come out as expected. I can’t really tell you exactly what went wrong as I don’t know what gauge you are working at or the size of your feet but are the needles you are using an 8 US size as this is only a 5 mm needle metric and what the pattern states is an 8mm metric which is an 11 US. Also you do need to check gauge, count your stitches per inch as even a slight variation can make a great deal of difference in the size of things.

      I do hope this helps, All the best, Mindie

  19. do you know where i could find a tutorial on the flat stitch for sewing up these slippers? love this pattern, cant wait to felt these slippers.

    1. Hi Marie,

      Flat stitch or overcast stitch as it is otherwise known is really easy to do. Thread your needle with some yarn and holding the two pieces of work edge to edge, sew through the first piece top to bottom and the second from bottom to top in an over and over motion. Don’t pull the yarn too tight but flatten the seam as you go keeping the stitches fairly close together, any small gaps will close up when you felt the slippers. There is an explanation with a picture so that you can see better at http://www.stitchdiva.com/custom.aspx?id=197.

      I hope this helps, All the best, Mindie

  20. Hi! Love the slippers! My foot size falls in between the two sizes 6 1/2 and 8 1/2. I wear roughly a size 7 to 7 1/2. Should I make the smaller slippers or the larger ones? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Thanks for contacting me. It’s difficult to say which size to make really as all yarn felts differently but I would make the larger size and felt them a little more until they fit. This way you should have a bit more play in them to begin with rather than perhaps the smaller size coming up too small straight away, which could be a danger if your yarn felts really quickly. If you felt the larger size a bit more the slippers should just be slightly thicker which is perhaps a good thing. Hope this is of help,all the best Mindie.

  21. Hi, I plan to make some of these to donate to church and they will be taken for a donation. If I add a paper saying “pattern by you is that OK?

  22. it is a really nice and simply slipper. Thank you for the pattern it’s wayyyyyyyyyyy better than the ones i try to make lol, im a new beginner.

  23. Thank you so much for posting this pattern. I had went to a store and bought a pattern for felted clogs and could not make them. I was very upset and then I found this pattern. I made them and they turned out cute. Love how you have pictures. Thanks again.I am having trouble with the ssp but I’ll get it.

  24. Just found your pattern and can’t wait to start some Duffers. After reading the comments left by others I notice a request for higher backs, could this not be accomplished by short rows from ankle to ankle across the back? Just a thought.

  25. Hi Mindie! Just want to thank you for the fantastic pattern. I’ve now made 4 pairs! They make great gifts and I even managed to grade up the pattern for my husband’s monster feet and he wears them as liners in a pair of leather moccasins. I just finished a pair for myself and am so excited to have toasty feet this winter. Thanks again!

    1. Would like to know what your upgrades to “monster feet” were. (and what size shoe does your husband wear?) Have a son and 2 sons-in-law that have monster feet and couldn’t figure out how to enlarge the pattern. Thanks.

  26. I made one of the slippers last night with the pattern up in my web browser. I came this morning to make the other slipper for the pair and it’s no longer free! 😦 Why is that? I love the pattern but can’t remember it, and I didn’t print it out last night (I guess I should have).

  27. Thanks Mindie. Yours is the first knitting pattern that I’ve ever been able to follow successfully on my own. Thanks for the great explanations of the special stitches. My slippers look more like a ballet flat after felting but I think that my yarn was not quite as chunky as the one you used. I will try again with a different yarn and see what happens. I’m so excited to make some more slippers.

  28. Hi ! I finished my first slipper and it came out very small. Can you clarify what size needles I should be using? I am a new knitter and I was able to figure out the pattern, however, I think my yarn may not have been chunky enough and I think my size 8 needles were too small.

    1. Hi and thanks for contacting me, The needle size here is probably the problem, as I am in the UK I have given the needle size in mm which is 8mm if you are in the US the needle conversion size is US 11. The yarn needed for the Duffers is a chunky / bulky yarn or a DK or Worsted weight yarn held double stranded. You didn’t say which yarn you are using but the tension / gauge for the pattern is 3 stitches per inch. If you do a little gauge swatch you should be getting this gauge for the slippers to come out the right size. There is a little margin to play around with, as there always is with felted items as felting is never exact but mainly as with all patterns it is your tension you need to get right.

      I do hope this helps, please get in touch again if I haven’t made anything clear or you need any more help. Best wishes, Mindie

      1. The Duffers revisited pattern has instructions for knitting in the round included along with the traditional flat and seamed as well as more sizes and wider fittings, but thank you for your offer. Mindie

    1. Thanks for the offer but the new pattern contains all the instructions you need to knit all the sizes of duffers in the round totally seamlessly. It used a special cast on so that you don’t even have to sew up the bottom of the slipper when done.

      1. disapointed–had the original pattern and then went to Ravelery assuming that the new CO and sizes would be included in that purchase price–and it isn’t! then did see I could have pd more and gotten the new version from this page. Wish I had been more aware of needing to get the new pattern from this page!

      2. I’m so sorry you have been confused by the description of the different patterns. All the patterns are available from both here and from Ravelry with full descriptions of each. There is no difference in price between here or Ravelry as the links here take you to Ravelry to complete your purchase.

  29. hi – i recently purchased the expanded version – i am having trouble with the “extra wide” which is the version i need – the only difference from wide to extra wide seems to be row 11, right? and the value in the brackets is LESS for extra wide . . . right? so either this is correct, or it should be 2 stitches more maybe? either way though, i still don’t understand how the count would be more for the extra wide . . . ? you don’t increase at all, and if you don’t increase it doesn’t work to just sub the higher value in both spots for row 11 – there just aren’t enough stitches

    also wondering how to do a narrow version (my foot is a AAA in width)

    thanks, and loving the pattern so far! just perplexed on my extra wide question 🙂

    1. Hi, The difference between wide and extra wide fitting is in the number of stitches in the front piece between the decreases. The wide has 10 stitches and the extra wide 12. The wide fitting only increases two stitches in row 11 where as the extra wide increases 4 stitches so the figures look a little miss matched but are ok.

      In all wide and extra wide sizes you increase right up to and including row 11 then knit two plain rows before you start the decreases. Do you have the right page for the extra wide sizes as only these pages show row 11 as an increase row. On the pages for the standard width row 11 is a plain row and this could be where the problem is.

      I hope this helps, wishing you all the best with your knitting, Mindie

  30. I’m new at knitting but my girlfriend says these slippers are great to work on. So I’m trying them.
    I’d like to increase the top of the slipper a couple of rows. How do I do that?
    Knit and Purl?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Gail,

      If you want the slipper to come up your foot a little further, keep knitting as you have been, keeping the decreases at the same place on top of the foot. You can add a couple of rows like this but not too far or else the opening for the slipper will get a bit too small.

      Happy knitting, Mindie

      1. Thank you for the information so quickly. I will pass it on to my friend. We had the same question

  31. I’m having trouble with the SSP stitch.Can any one explain this to me. Not much of a knitter but I’m trying.

    1. Hi,

      The slip,slip,purl stitch can be a bit confusing but once you’ve done it once you will be fine.

      It goes like this: slip 1 stitch as if to knit, slip the next stitch also as if to knit, then put the stitches back on the left hand needle as they are without twisting them back, they should now be loose, then, with the right hand needle put it through the stitches you just put on the left hand needle but from behind entering the back of the second stitch then the first. Wrap the yarn around the needle and draw the new stitch through and you’re done.

      I hope this helps. As I said it can be a bit confusing but once you get the hang of it you will be away.

      All the best Mindie

    1. Hi and thanks for contacting me,

      The children’s version of the Duffers pattern, Little Duffers is available here https://mindie.wordpress.com/patterns/ (scrol down) or by going to my pattern page on Ravelry and following the link there. The pattern covers all children’s sizes from a finished foot length of 4″ upwards and uses a worsted weight yarn.

      Hope you have fun knitting them, all the best, Mindie

  32. Please help me- I thought I was a beginner knitter, but since I am trying to make Mindie’s felted duffer slipper and can not get through Row 3- I really don’t know what I am doing !! How is it that I can CO the correct amount of stitches and knit 2 rows and still have 64 stitches but when I do Row 3 and go to do Row 4 and I think I am doing everything correctly- I don’t have enough stitches for the remaining following rows.

    1. Me too! I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. When I get to row nine, I am one stitch short. I can’t figure it out. Help me please. I am on my 4th attempt.

  33. I did the tension swatch and the Lamb’s pride bulky weight yarn came out perfect. I am just know knitting the bottom and it seems huge. I have never felted before so maybe I just don’t know what sizes look like before they are felted. The pattern says the length should measure 29 cm before felting but mine measures like 40 cm. Do you think I’m doing something wrong?

  34. Hello there, You’ve done a great job. I will certainly digg it and personally
    recommend to my friends. I am confident they will be benefited from this web site.

  35. I have just made my first pair and have felted them twice. The length seems right but they are still quite wide. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Kerry,

      If the slippers are a little too wide, you could felt just the top or front of the slipper to try and make this a little smaller while leaving the rest of the slipper as it is. To do this you will need some detergent in hot water and a separate bowl of cold water.
      Put the front of the slipper,or if you can just the top part into the hot soapy water and rub the fabric together (as if you were trying to remove a particularly stubborn stain!) for a while. Then plunge that part of the slipper into the cold water and rinse and rub. Put it back into the hot water again and repeat the process until that part felts as much as you want it to, or as much as it will, there is a maximum that some things will shrink.
      It helps to make the hot water pretty hot and you may want to wear rubber gloves as plunging your hands repeatedly into hot then cold water gives them a bit of a shock too!
      I do hope this helps to make your slippers fit better. Do let me know how you get on.
      Good luck and all the best,

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    1. Hi Leslie,
      You can buy the pattern from Ravelry, Etsy or Love Knitting. Just put in the name in the search bar on any of these sites and it will take you to the pattern page.
      If you want to buy through Ravelry, you can use the pattern tab at the top of my site to take you to the pattern page for Duffers and there is a buy it now link for you to purchase from there.

      Many thanks,

  37. Hi Mindie, I can’t believe how diligent you are at answering people’s questions. :0) I’m so excited to find such awesome responses about a pattern. Have been looking for a beginners version and I am still a bit stumped. So…..I’m doing a size 8 shoe and will cast on 68 stitches…..when I get to row 3, k1, m1,k____, how do i know what I’m putting in this blank?? Please help, feeling I’m missing something easy. Thanks! Darlene

    1. Hi Darlene and thank you for your kind words,
      The numbers used to fill in the blanks on the pattern are in a chart of figures at the end after the different pattern pages. The sizes are across the top with the row numbers down the side. Find the size you are knitting and then working your way down the column use the figures for each row to fill in the blanks. Just make sure that you have the right chart by checking on your chosen pattern page as to which one you need, it will say at the top either chart 1 or 2.
      I hope this answers your question, please do contact me again if there is anything else I can help you with.
      Wishing you all the best with your slippers,

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  39. I am having trouble from row 16 to row 17 more decreasing needed to get correct number of stitches required in each side of center point. Is their an error in the pattern?
    Look forward to your help.

  40. Hi Kathy,
    If you are knitting from the Duffers Revisited pattern, having a stitch count problem at that point means that you are following the pattern page for different (larger) sizes. At a guess I would say that you are working from a page with the finished foot lengths 10, 10/5 & 11 inches and not 8.5, 9 & 9.5 inches.
    This is because the smaller slippers begin the back decreases on row 17, whereas the larger sizes don’t begin those decreases until row 21.
    I hope that this solves your problem but if you are still having trouble please do message me again. There should be a pattern support email address at the bottom of the pattern pages and I’m more than happy to work through the pattern with you.
    Kind regards, Mindie

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